Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Bunn Wash

We bicycled 83 miles today, starting in North Raleigh, and heading mostly east, doing an out-and-back route. There were moderate rolling hills the first few miles (and last), but the eastern part was delightfully flat. Temps started cool, but got unusually warm mid-afternoon.

We had lunch at a convenience store in the town of Bunn, NC. The name of the car wash business in the photo caught my eye.
Mechanically, the tire on one of our rear wheels was found rubbing on the frame chainstay. I must not have tightened the rear wheel sufficiently the last time it was off. Oh, and the next morning, my rear tire was almost flat. I must have picked up a slow leaker.

GPS stats: 83.4 miles. Moving average 12.6mph. Overall average 9.8mph. Moving time 6:37. Stopped 1:53.
GPS map:
A few social photos:

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