Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fairmont M-19

I uncovered my Fairmont M-19 railroad motorcar this afternoon, a full-sized historic railroad maintenance vehicle, ca 1949. Cleaned the connections on the spark coil and timer points, mixed some fresh gas and oil, and after a good bit of hand-cranking, it started and ran well. Rode it back and forth a few times on the flatbed trailer, woo hoo.

It's time to sell it all: the railcar, the flatbed trailer, the Suburban to pull it, even the two sections of railroad track on the ground. A complete package for the budding hobbyist.



skiffrun said...

I hesitate to ask, but did you manage to sell it?

sag said...

Hi Skiff,
Yes, I did. Two members of a railroad museum in Pennsylvania drove down and bought it. The last time I heard from them, they were riding it actively on their private track.

Here was my marketing video. Many of these cars are available, but few start and run as well as this one.